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Atec Hi.Per Limited Distance Baseball-Dozen ATBP02B12

We’ve all been there, out taking batting practice and you keep breaking the whiffle balls you just bought. Having to buy new whiffle balls every week can be a pain, so next time you are looking for some great practice balls check out the Atec Hi.Per Limited Distance Baseball. The new Atec Hi.Per Limited Distance Baseball is constructed out of XDC extra durable composite designed to minimize flight and maximize durability. The exterior features a tactile surface texture that maximizes grip when throwing and increases pitch accuracy. The Atec Hi.Per Baseball is designed to travel a maximum distance of 100ft with a full swing.

• XDC – Extra durable composite

• Tactile surface texture for increased grip

• Maximum distance of 100ft

• Amazing durability

• Increased pitch accuracy

• Pack of 12

Atec Hi.Per Limited Distance Baseball-Dozen ATBP02B12

Atec Hi.Per Limited Distance Balls

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