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➤ PREVENTS SLIPS – As a pitcher or fielder your arms and hands are your most important assets. Use the Blaze Sports towel to keep dry to prevent slips while throwing. Don’t let sweat ruin your game!

➤ SUPER SOFT & ABSORBENT – 100% Cotton material takes the sweat off your hands and forearms! You can also use the towel to wipe off the sweat on your head and face.

➤ STURDY HOOK & LOOP - Sturdy Closure (Hook & Loop), Easily Attach to Belt. Premium grade Velcro will stay attached even during the fiercest softball plays.

➤ LIGHTWEIGHT, LONG & EXPANDING FEATURE – Weighs only 2.5oz! The lightweight design ensures that it will not get in the way of your game. The Blaze Sports Towel dimensions are 14.5” x 4. The towel fans out to 11” so you can easily dry your hands and arms.

Sport Towel (Velcro)

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