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Wrap Top
For batters more comfortable with the traditional tee top that is the industry standard, Utilitee offers this extremely durable, yet flexible, rubber wrap top. Adjustable from 28” to 51”

The UtiliTee® hitting stand is truly one of a kind. Unique and effective, Utilitee is more than a tee, it is the only complete batting system for baseball and softball ever created!

The Utiliteee Stand has an all-weather, urethane upper and steel lower shaft, for superior impact resistance and designed to withstand thousands of hits. Durable steel colapsable tripod legs provide Utilitee with a low center of gravity and easily fits over any home plate for a balanced even hitting plane and maximizes your practice time by keeping your UtiliTee upright. The adjustable base makes it easy to use for players of all ages (adjustable from 24″- 42″).

The UtiliTee set’s up in seconds and is designed to be extremely portable. Simply collapse the steel tripod legs and take it with you anywhere, anytime.


SKU: Util-Stand Wrap
$74.99 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price

  • There are NO returns unless manufacturer defect. Please contact us if you need a return. 

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